Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Been too long

Hey everyone! Sorry If I haven't blogged anything for the past few months. I have been pretty busy at school and encountered some problems with my spine (slipped disk). I was under heavy medications and was stuck at the hospital for what felt like forever! I am doing so much better now though, still under medication and doing some therapy. Glad to be on SL a couple of times a week and talk to my friends. Can't wait to blog again! :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Have You Heard The Rumor?

The Rumor Sim opens officially tomorrow!! The sim is so beautiful and I find it very poetic. I wish I had a good graphics card and good internet connection so I could capture the beauty. I spent a couple of days exploring the sim and my favorite parts are the mermaid fountain, the clock tower, the bridge near the water falls and the lady in her bath tub :p 

I will be posting more about The Rumor Redeaux and items tomorrow. For a list of the awesome stores that can be found in the sim and for their slurls, please go here

The lady in the bath tub :p
Very beautiful, the water from thewaterfalls flow directly from the
mountains and into the sea. Sorry I couldn't take a better photo.
You have to go see for yourself ^^

Hair: Mustache - { Hilton } in Brown 2 
Cardigan: Mustache -  Slub Crochet Cardigan Grey 
Bag: Mustache Tote Bag 
Pose: Posies

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ghost Demon

Quick post before I head to bed. There's a sim-wide hunt going on now at the Bad Blood sim! The hunt is called  "Here's a Freakin Gift", it just started today and runs through October 31st. The outfit in this picture is the prize from !WhAtEvR! and the item you're looking for is inside the store!

Outfit (dress, socks, ghost horns, tail, spiked collar): !WhAtEvR! - "Here's a Freakin Gift" Hunt Prize
Hair: Magika - Diamond - Midnight (Prize from past Platinum Hunt)
Skin: Mynerva - Platinum Drow - red lips (Prize from past Platinum Hunt)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Rozena Skin 50% Off Sale!

The mainstore will be moving soon and for now all the skins are 50% off! All individual packs are 350L, fatpacks are 1000L. All skin packs include a shape. Did I mention that all the skins in the mainstore will be retired soon? Get 'em while you can here's your Taxi to the Mainstore

Skin & Shape: Lily - Rouge
Skin & Shape: Sugar - Tropical Rain
Skin & Shape: Sizuka - Pale - Dream Girls

Skin & Shape: Sizuka - butter - pink tutu

Skins and Shapes: Rozena Skin Mainstore
Hair: Tiny Bird - Have You Forgotten - Rich Brown (Past Seasons Hunt prize)
Lashes (shown in photo #1 and #2): Mango, Mango! - Fluffy Lashes (tattoo layer)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tank Girl

It's week #39 for Project Themeory and the theme is... Sans Comic! This Tank Girl Set is rbcg.'s offering this week. The set includes a lot of cool stuff and it's only 75L!! Better go get it now because the price is gonna go up after this weekend!

The set includes all that ^ 
Tank Girl Set - rbcg.
Skin: .::Mother Goose's::. Chiaki Skin - Tea Hunt
Shape: Yozoh* Miho Shape - Tea Hunt
Hair: ++AY.LinE++ Darjeeling [[Charcoal]] - Tea Hunt

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What Is Fear? (More from Horrorfest 2010)

Face Tattoo - *Houven* v2 by AQ Face Tattoos

Outfit - Sawblade Nightmare by Razorblade Jacket (the spinning blades are so cool!)

Pins - Pin Cushion by LOVEmeBRUTAL

S.R Butcher's Secret Room

 Taxi to Horrorfest 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Finesmith Style About Challenge - Week 3

"Finesmith Style about...." a challenging styling contest held every week at FRIDAY mornings 9amslt. The contest will run for 10 weeks and every week there's one unique theme that will test your creative stylings! Research the fashion and art styles using exclusively the Jewelries from Finesmith Jewelry. Create that one breathtaking look that will take you to the finals. Interpret the theme into your own vision and let us see it on the runway.

Check out this post or the Finesmith Blog for more details on how to join.